White people: You can help repair racial injustice now.

The Reparations Project creates new models for individuals, families, and the nation to repair racialized injustice against Black communities that began in 1619 and continues today

In 2020, a median White family has 10 times more wealth than a median Black family.

The Reparations Project seeks to work toward equity by inviting all White people to interrogate how they've benefitted from white supremacy and pay redress. While we center descendants of the Enslaved, we work toward offering redress for the institution of slavery, and for segregation/Jim Crow, mass incarceration, and the systemic oppression that has resulted in the huge Black-White wealth gap and continues in America today.

We invite all White people to pay redress.

We understand that the Black-White wealth gap cannot be truly closed without national reparations, and this must happen. And we believe that we the people can help lead the way toward healing and financial restitution and help make meaningful change with a grassroots, personal approach. We have seen that personal/local reparations result in some of the most powerful models for reconciliation and healing and make a real difference in families and communities. Even a small personal payment of redress is a step toward change.

Online Gift (501c3) can be made by clicking "Donate Now" on this page. Our tax ID is 85-2390612.

For checks: Make checks payable to “The Quarterman and Keller Foundation" and mail to:
The Quarterman and Keller Foundation, 100 Bull Street, Suite 200, Savannah, GA 31401

The Reparations Project also accepts checks from Donor Advised Funds, wire transfers and stock donations. To protect against fraud, please contact us directly for routing and account information.

Contact: Sarah Eisner
Phone: 650-867-9450
Email: Sarah@reparationsproject.org

For those who would like to pay redress of $250 or more, we invite you to join our Partners in Healing. For descendant families of enslavers, we invite you to join our Descendant Circle by donating $1000 or more. Click buttons for details below.