Lesley Yates

Lesley Yates is a Junior History major and English minor from Atlanta, Georgia. As a perspective law student, social justice is a very meaningful topic for me, especially as an African American woman. I know social justice to be the equal distribution of wealth, opportunities, and privileges within society, something that has been withheld from the African American community for centuries. As a result, I am proud to become part of a program that enlightens people on the seriousness of this recurring issue while at the same time is actively working and taking steps to improve and even reverse this grim reality for African Americans.

Through the Quarterman Keller Social Justice program, I am very excited to learn and examine in more depth the racial injustice tied to America’s legacy of slavery and its harmful impact that it had and continues to have on the African American community today in addition to looking for solutions to help improve the circumstances and conditions surrounding African Americans, for example the reparations project. I strongly believe that the Quarterman Keller Social Justice program will further educate and help me to further develop skills that will assist in molding me into the strong and virtuous lawyer I aspire to be.

I am Social Justice because…
“I believe that diminishing the toxic and racists foundation that the United States was built upon, is the only way to truly save the soul of America from itself and for the first time, make America truly great!”