Rosemarie Louissant

Rosie Louissaint is a rising sophomore from Vallejo, California who is majoring in English on the pre-law track. She is also a member of the Bonner Scholar program at Spelman College. Advocacy and service is purposeful to her growth as a scholar.

During the summer, Rosie interned for the Vallejo Together nonprofit organization as a student assistant in their office. She helped with administrative needs and researched with the Racial Equity Team about ways to best serve shelter challenged people of color. This organization does coalition building between organizations and strives to conduct outreach in areas such as business, safety, and education in the Vallejo Community. She also consistently works with the Brother Helping Brother Haiti Mission nonprofit organization that her parents founded, which provides resources for the people of Haiti. She has been on five mission trips as a missionary and analyzed the political climate in Haiti.

I am social justice…
“because I am invested in the well-being and success of those in my community. Through advocacy, positive change can occur and will improve lives.”