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The Cost of Inheritance: An America Reframed Special Explores The Current-day Pursuit of Reparations for African Americans


“The Cost of Inheritance: An America ReFramed Special,” directed by Yoruba Richen, is set to premiere on PBS on January 8, 2024. The documentary explores the legacy of systemic inequities in the United States, tracing the intertwined histories of descendants of enslaved persons and slave owners and delving into their efforts to bridge divides and seek reparations together. The film offers a nuanced view of the reparations debate, presenting personal stories, expert interviews, and archival material to examine the definition and pursuit of reparations in the context of historic racial injustice.

Mending Old Fences


Sarah Eisner and Randy Quarterman, whose families are linked through slavery, met years later and established the Quarterman & Keller Foundation and The Reparations Project. These initiatives are aimed to support descendants of Black families through education, land preservation, and amplifying artists’ work. 

Descendants Trace Histories Linked by Slavery


Some American descendants of enslaved people and others whose ancestors profited are using online portals to collaborate and reckon with their shared family pasts.

Georgia Southern students awarded first scholarships from Gullah Geechee Cultural Heritage Center


Two $2,500 Gullah Geechee Cultural Heritage Center Social Justice Scholarships funded by the Quarterman & Keller Foundation Inc. have been awarded to Georgia Southern University political science major Rachal Phillips and elementary education major Leah Mikell.

Sarah and Randy speak about personal reparations to Savannah’s “Hello Neighbor” host Lisa Rundstrom on WRUU Savannah Soundings radio.


Tonight we speak with Randy Quarterman and Sarah Eisner, creators of the Reparations Project and The Quarterman & Keller Fund. Their journey began when Sarah’s great-great-great grandfather, George Adam Keller, gave 10 acres of reparation land to Isaac- or- Zeike Quarterman, Randy’s great-great-great grandfather, in Port Wentworth, Georgia, a few miles outside of Savannah.

Reparations in Port Wentworth: Promised Land Farm


The Reparations Project was thrilled and honored to pay $10,000 in reparations, part of our larger initiative and reparations fund for descendant families in Port Wentworth, Georgia, to Bob and Bill Johnson, who own and operate Promised Land Farm. Promised Land is one of very few Black-owned farms in Chatham County, Georgia.

Soledad O’Brien & Bevy Smith Disrupt & Dismantle The Gentrification In Urban Communities


Join Soledad O'Brien and Bevy Smith for a conversation to explore the recurring injustice Black people face in America, such as gentrification, and how we can rally our community to affect positive change.

New Funding to Support Spelman College Educational Initiative Focused on Reparations


While Congress continues to mull over the decades-old “Commission to Study and Develop Reparation Proposals for African Americans Act (HB-40),” which has been introduced in legislative sessions since 1989, Spelman College students and faculty members are researching solutions to address the generational impact of the transatlantic slave trade.

Reparations 4 Slavery: Interview with Randy Quarterman and Sarah Eisner


Sarah Eisner’s family is linked to Randy Quarterman’s family through slavery. Together, they founded the Quarterman & Keller Foundation and The Reparations Project, with goals that include saving the Quarterman family’s lands in Monteith and Port Wentworth, GA, from heirs property title complications and eminent domain, and establishing a variety of educational programs, including a cultural center.

Presentation to The Reparations Project Partners by Lotte Lieb Dula: Recording of Reparations and Family History: Envisioning the Path to Repair


Lotte Lieb Dula, founder of, walks partners of The Reparations Project through a powerful presentation that helps us unpack our family histories, look at the gap in the genesis of White vs. African American wealth, and consider how best to begin down the road toward repair.

FUCK FEAR. MAKE LOVE.™ Podacast.57: “For me it was like a calling…I learned to live in truth in myself.” (ft. Randy Quarterman & Sarah Eisner)


Join guests Randy Quarterman & Sarah Eisner for a discussion about making love and justice through truth-telling and reparations. Randy and Sarah are the founders of The Reparations Project, an organization that is working to close the wealth gap between Black and white Americans by centering descendants of those who were enslaved and supporting descendant families of enslavers to pursue ancestral healing through repairing generational harm.

The Gullah’s Battle to Keep Their Homes and Way of Life


The Gullah Geechee people are among hundreds of delinquent property owners in one South Carolina County whose land is set to go to auction next week, despite the pandemic. Many of the Gullah Geechee are descendants of freed slaves, who still live along the sea islands from Northern Florida to North Carolina. Much of their land has been passed down for generations, some, since the civil war. Correspondent Jessica Gomez takes us to Beaufort County, where there's an effort to save their land and way of life.